Top of the Mark at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins 19th Floor, 999 California St., San Francisco, CA 94108


Top of the Mark is an ideal setting for sunset cocktails or night caps. Enjoy delicious small bites with a selection from our drinks and cocktail menu, or indulge in our opulent Sunday Champagne Brunch served with amazing views of the Bay.



Steeped in history, the Top of the Mark is a nostalgic venue that has long been a favorite of San Franciscans and visitors from every corner of the world. 

In 1939, when owner George D. Smith decided to convert the 19th-floor penthouse apartment of his Mark Hopkins Hotel into a cocktail lounge, he wasn’t completely convinced people would ride an elevator 19 floors to have a drink and look at the view.  So he installed a dance floor and hired a band.  A few days after the May 11 opening of the Top of the Mark, he had to cover the dance floor to make room for the crowds that were lining up for hours just to get inside.


A stunning and immediate success, the Top of the Mark continues to draw crowds, locals and visitors alike.  During World War II, Pacific-bound servicemen and their friends would meet and toast one last time to the Golden Gate Bridge before shipping out, believing this was good luck and would bring them home.  As the servicemen sailed out the Golden Gate, wives and sweethearts gathered in the Top of the Mark’s northwest corner, where they would gaze out the windows to watch them go, thus dubbing that spot “The Weepers’ Corner.”  During the war, servicemen would buy and leave a bottle in the care of the bartender so the next soldier from their squadron could enjoy a free drink; the only requirement being the soldier who had the last one bought the next bottle.

Eighty years after it opened, the Top of the Mark continues to draw people in for the panoramic views of the ever-changing San Francisco Bay Area and continues to add to San Francisco’s rich and colorful history.  To the people who live here and visitors all over the world, the Top of the Mark is much more than just a bar – it’s a landmark, a tradition and an experience.