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Stories of the Mark

Top of the Mark has been a destination for active servicemen and veterans since World War II.
The tradition of Top of the Mark's Squadron Bottle began during this era where servicemen would buy and leave a bottle in the care of the bartender so the next soldier from their squadron could enjoy a free drink; the only requirement being the soldier who finished the bottle had to buy a new one to leave behind. A journal, tucked safely behind the bar with the various Squadron Bottles, invited servicemen to leave their tributes and well wishes to their fellow comrades.


The tradition was lost until 2009 when Lieutenant Mike Hall of the United States Navy bought a bottle of whisky and started a new journal. Ten years later, we have been able to capture well wishes, memories and toasts from World War II veterans, active service professionals
and their families visiting Top of the Mark.

With our 80th anniversary this year, we are seeking to share more narratives from military professionals and their families, hoping that we can continue to showcase the stories of those who have honored us with their presence by visiting Top of the Mark. If you are an active duty soldier, veteran, friend or family member and have a story about Top of The Mark,
we would like to hear from you.

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